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Use of swearing is allowed in moderation, but won’t be tolerated in excess.


No harassment will be tolerated. Racism and homophobia aren’t okay, and neither is any sort of sexism.


Use of hacked clients are prohibited. We define hacked clients as any modification that allows for an unfair advantage. Allowed clients are: Optifine


Building lag machines or using worldedit to cause lag is not allowed.


Threatening other guests/members of the server and doxxing will not be tolerated.


If you are banned on the server, joining on another account or IP ultimately defeats the purpose of the ban and thus is not tolerated.


Staff decisions are final and must be respected at all times. Adding on to this, don’t try and make a staff member’s job more difficult.


Building off of Rule 7, no purposefully causing any sort of drama. It’s pointless and won’t be tolerated.


Don’t be an asshole.